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This website is being operated by Intersport Austria GmbH (company no.: 101648h), hereinafter “we”, “us” and “Intersport”, with a registered office in 4600 Wels, Flugplatzstraße 10. In this privacy statement, we – as a responsible party in accordance with Article 4 (7) EU-GDPR – describe, which cookies are being registered when visiting our website, and for which purpose these are being processed, namely as long as you consent accordingly as per § 96 (3) of the Telecommunications Act (TKG).

Below, we have outlined the extent and purpose of the utilisation of cookies. Please read both our cookie policy, as well as our privacy statement carefully before continuing to use our website, and, where applicable, before consenting to the processing of data or the utilisation of cookies.

In any case, you should read the section of our privacy statement, which outlines your rights in regard to the processing of your data!

1. Utilisation of cookies – types of cookies

a. If using our website for merely informational purposes, i.e. if you are not using any of our services or transferring information to us by other means, we will only register the respective personal data transmitted to our server by your browser. Should you therefore wish to visit our website, we will register the following data, which we need on a technical level, so as to display the website to you, as well as to ensure the stability and security of our website on the basis of our justified interest as per Article 6 (1), p. 1 fig. f EU-GDPR:

  • IP address
  • Date and time of the request
  • Time zone difference to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Request content
  • Access status / http status code
  • The respective data volume transmitted
  • Website, from which the request is being sent
  • Browser utilised
  • Operating system and interface
  • Language and version of browser software

The cookie utilised for this purpose is called:


b. In addition to the above-stated data, cookies will be stored on your computer when utilising our website; these are small text files, which are stored on your hard-drive in association with the browser utilised by you, and by means of which the organisation placing the cookie (here: us) is being sent certain information. On the one hand we need these cookies so as to recognise you as a user of the website, and on the other hand so as to understand any reservations issued by you via the shopping cart as part of your utilisation of our services.

In general, one may differentiate between first party cookies, third party cookies and third-party requests.

  • First party cookies

First party cookies are being stored in your browser by us or our website, so as to offer you the best possible user experience. These are mainly functional cookies, such as shopping cart cookies.

  • Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are being stored in your browser by third-party suppliers. These are mainly tracking or marketing tools, which serve to process user behaviour, or which offer third-party suppliers the possibility to recognise you on other visited websites. Retarget marketing is based on the functions provided by these cookies.

  • Third-party requests

Third-party requests are requests, which you forward to third-parties via our site as a site user – for example, whilst interacting with social network plugins, or whilst using the service of a payment provider. In this case, there are no cookies being stored in your browser, however, it cannot be excluded that personal data is not forwarded to third parties as a result of the respective interaction. For this reason, we have included detailed information in regard to all tools and applications used by us as part of our privacy statement.

c. Our website(s) use the following types of cookies, the extent and functioning of which is outlined below:

  • Transient cookies

Transient cookies are automatically deleted, as soon as you close your browser. This includes session cookies, which serve to store a so-called session ID, with which various browser requests may be allocated as part of a joint session. This way, your browser may be recognised when you return to our website. These session cookies are deleted, as soon as you log out or close your browser.

  • Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are automatically deleted after a set duration of time, which may vary depending on the respective cookie. You may also delete these cookies at any point via your browser settings.

d. You may change your browser settings, for example, so as to reject third-party cookies or cookies in general. In this case, please note that you might not be able to use all of our website functions.

e. Should you have an account with us, we also use cookies to identify you when re-visiting the website – otherwise you would have to log in again, each time you visit our website.

2. Utilisation of Google tools

We use various web analysis and marketing tools as provided by Google on our website. For this purpose, we store the following cookies and pixel:

  • _gat (retention period 1 minute)
  • _ga (retention period 2 years)
  • _gid (retention period 24 hours)

You have several options so as to prevent the installation of Google cookies, particularly by declining the respective service when visiting our website or by adjusting your browser settings accordingly. Detailed information regarding individual rejections may be found the respective tool descriptions. Please note that, in this case, you may not be able to use all of the functions provided via our website in full.

Based on the below-described web analysis and marketing tools utilised by us, your browser will automatically establish a direct connection with one of Google’s servers. We cannot influence the extent of information transmitted for this purpose, as well as how the data is utilised by Google. The extent and the purpose of processing the respective data known to us is set out in the below tool descriptions. Should you be registered to Google services, Google may link your visit to your account – but even if you are not registered with or logged into Google, the provider may identify and store your IP address.

Additional information regarding the purpose and extent of the storage of data, as well as the processing of data by Google, as well as additional information regarding your rights and set-up options may be obtained from: Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043, USA, hereby Google is subject to privacy shield regulations. Additional information may be found here:

a. We utilise the web analysis and marketing tool Google Analytics as part of our website. Google Analytics is a web analysis service offered by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. The cookies used in connection therewith produce information in regard to your utilisation of this website, and the data is usually transferred to and stored on Google’s servers.

Google utilises this information on our behalf, so as to evaluate how you use our website, to compile reports on the respective website activities, as well as to provide additional services to the website’s operators in regard to the utilisation of the website and the internet. Should you wish to receive additional information on the manner, extent and purpose of the data registered by Google, please refer to their privacy statement.

b. We also use the services offered by Google Adwords, so as to advertise our offers and products by means of adverts on external websites. This tool allows us to evaluate the respective advertising measures in relation to specific campaigns. It is in our interest to display customised advertising in accordance with your interests, and therefore to achieve fair advertising charges.

The advertising displayed to you is being facilitated by Google using a so-called “ad server”. For this purpose, we utilise ad server cookies, which measure certain parameters, such as the display of adverts or user clicks, so as to evaluate the respective success of ad campaigns. Should you therefore access our website via a Google ad, Google Adwords will store a cookie on your browser, which will usually become invalid after 30 days. This cookie will not personally identify you, but rather stores the unique cookie ID, the number of ad impressions per placement, the last impression (relevant for post-view conversions) and opt-out information for analysis purposes.

We ourselves do not store any personal data in connection with the utilisation of Google Adwords, but rather receive statistical reports from Google, which allows us to evaluate, whether our ad campaigns are effective or not.

In addition to the measures described above, you may specifically opt out of this tracking process by deactivating cookies for conversion tracking, by setting up your browser in such a way that cookies from the domain “” are being blocked, or by permanently deactivating them via your browsers Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome using the following link:

c. We also use the application Google Remarketing, which is a process that allows us to advertise to you, once you have left our website. After you have visited our website, we may, for example, display ads to you upon continued use of the internet. This is facilitated by means of cookies stored in your browser, via which Google registers and evaluates your user behaviour upon visiting various websites.

For example, Google may register that you have visited our website before. However, according to Google, any personal data processed is subjected to pseudonymisation for remarketing purposes.

d. This website also utilises the online marketing tool DoubleClick by Google. DoubleClick uses cookies, so as to display relevant ads to users, to improve campaign reports, as well as to avoid users seeing the same ad several times. By means of a cookie ID, Google registers which ads are being displayed in which browser and may therefore prevent ads being shown multiple times. Furthermore, DoubleClick allows for the registration of so-called conversions using cookie IDs linked to ad requests. This is the case, for example, if a user sees a DoubleClick ad and later accesses the advertised website via the same browser, so as to buy something. According to Google, DoubleClick cookies do not contain any personal information.

In addition to the measures described above, you may prevent your participation in said tracking procedure by deactivating cookies for conversion tracking, by setting up your browser in such a way that cookies from the domain “” are being blocked, or by permanently deactivating them via your browsers Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome using the following link:

3. Legal basis for the utilisation of cookies and the processing of personal data

All web analysis and marketing cookies listed in this cookie policy, as well as the data registered as a result, are being processed for marketing purposes only based on a justified interest as per Article 6 (1), Figure f EU-GDPR (please also see recital 47 EU-GDPR). Before using cookies, by means of which personal data is being registered, we will also obtain your consent in order to meet the legal requirements of § 96 (3) of the Telecommunications Act (TKG).

As we have a justified interest in making best possible product recommendations to you from your range of goods, we will utilise tools available to us from the above-mentioned providers, details of which have been included. We will of course implement suitable measures, so as to guarantee your rights and freedoms.

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